The international Geography Olympiad (iGeo) is a competition for pupils that are between 16 and 19 years old and interested in topics of geography. It is open to pupils from all over the world and takes part in a different country each year. Every participating country is represented by four pupils.


During the iGeo a variety of practical and theoretical Geography exams has to be solved. The exam period is surrounded by diverse activities such as exciting field trips and inspiring cultural exchange. The official language of the iGeo is English.


National Competition: Swiss Geography Olympiad

The national competition and qualification for the iGeo involves two qualification rounds (national prequalification and Swiss final).


During the first round of national qualification (national prequalification) the 20 best pupils from all participants are determined. These finalist get the chance to participate in the ESRI summer camp where they will spend one week with GIS, geography and having a lot of fun. The second round of national qualification is the Swiss final, which happens in autumn each year. There, the four Olympians and representatives for Switzerland for the next iGeo in the following summer are determined.


You will find more information on how to participate or how to register a class for the national prequalification in March 2019.


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